Our focus:

  • Social skills, peer interactions, family interactions

  • Addressing aggressiveness (verbal and physical), avoidance coping, anger, temper tantrums, and other adverse behaviors

  • Developmental skills below age expectancy (academic, social interactions, communication and physical skill levels)

  • Facilitating collaboration among educators, therapists, parents, children and support staff

Upcoming Events
Facebook live stream on communication and behavior

Sprouts is an agency that believes that children and families of children with diverse abilities should be given opportunities to successfully engage in their home, school, and community.

By providing educational, family, and community support we will help to raise awareness of individual needs, address those needs, and empower all to make changes to current practices to ensure success.

The staff at Sprouts designs environments and programs that include all children as they are. Each child is unique and has a myriad of gifts that are to be acknowledged, supported, and encouraged.

The Sprouts Mission